Tuesday, 9 September 2014


I finished 3 quilts this week. These poor things had been sitting around waiting for binding. Now that I've reconnected with the Victoria's Quilts to donate them, I figured it was time to get them finished.  So I made the bindings and attached them today. Amazingly, the fabric for the bindings was with the quilts and had not been used in a new quilt. That's probably because I'm not quilting as much as I was :)

I decided to machine stitch the bindings down, in an effort to get these done rather than creating a new pile of quilts that need binding hand stitched.  1/2 hour to stitch a binding on the machine, vs 4 or more hours by hand - you'd think I'd learn my lesson about this :)

I seem to be on a red kick.  This quilt was a mystery back on New Year's Day.  Nice simple, traditional pattern so I quilted it with a traditional baptist fan. 

The back is pieced, using up some smaller bits of flannel that I had in the stash.

 This was another mystery from back in January.  I made 2 quilts from this one. The smaller was finished some time ago, and the bigger quilt is now done and ready to donate too.

 And this quilt was made from some orphan blocks that I picked up at a guild meeting from the exchange table.  I had lots of fabric left to make the bias binding to match the bias striped border I put on it this past spring.

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  1. Beautiful quilts, I'm sure someone will be very grateful to receive those!