Saturday, 14 October 2017

PEI Modern Guild mystery - step 2

Step 2 of the PEI modern guild mystery was released on October 1. I have officially decided to make 2 quilts - one in a light background, one with a dark background. Here are steps 1 and 2 complete, for both quilts.

I'm using the same colours for the main quilts, but mixing up their positions, since PEI just told us the fabrics are numbered/ordered in some way.   A group of 4, then a group of 8. So I did 2 sorts and came up with a plan.

Looking at it now I wonder if I should have made the dark one in pinks and the light in blues, but I'm committed now and moving forward with this arrangement. 

Linking up with the PEI Modern Guild for this month's clue.


  1. Of course you're making 2 quilts!! I say that with much respect as you are never one to take the simple path and I admire you for that. Can't wait to see how both quilts turn out!

  2. I love this!! and I am so glad you chose to switch tings up color wise. I think you will be happy with both your versions. The fabrics are stunning. Thanks for the shout out too!

  3. I can't wait to see your two versions of this quilt! I sometimes doubt my choices in fabrics but I just push through and hope for the best :)