Saturday, 28 October 2017


Image result for quilt pattern large trianglesThis quilt top has been on a journey. 2 years ago, I won a block draw at a quilting retreat. Everyone at that retreat made 2 blocks. They were large (9") half square triangle blocks, with Kaffe Fassett fabric in one half and white in the other.  I loved the fabrics, but the quilt top seemed a bit too simple for my tastes, so I decided to modify it. This was the original pattern.

I've played with this block design a few times now, and it cuts perfectly from the half-square triangle. By cutting all my blocks into 4 pieces, I got two half-square triangles and 2 plain squares from each block. The plain squares were easily made into two 4-patches, and the result could then be re-assembled into Jacob's Ladder blocks.

I knew what layout I wanted, and realized (half-way through making blocks) that it takes 2 slightly different blocks to make it. Fortunately, I figured that out before I got too far, and ended up with just the right number of blocks.  I decided an offset design would be a bit more interesting than centering it.  I tried to keep the arrangements random, mixing fabrics with each step of the process so no two blocks are alike, and (almost) no two identical fabrics are side by side.

The quilt top ended up 56x70". I think a border is needed, so I'll have to find a Kaffe Fassett fabric I like for that.


  1. It has a much livelier personality this way. So, did you remake the squares into the 4Ps? And what was the slightly different block? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. I like what you did with your blocks - AND love that it is not square!! I like rectangle quilts and I am short..... and I do not like the idea of feet sticking out of quilts, can not imagine being tall and having to curl my legs under a square shaped quilt, so love the way you put this together!! Good job.

  3. Love your redesign. My poor brain can't get around what you did. Hope in a future post you'll show us how you cut it. Thanks for sharing.