Sunday, 11 February 2018

Ancient Dragon

Working on UFOs this week, I opened up a box and discovered this poor little guy. When I started this quilt, I thought it would be cool to make it and donate it to my kids' elementary school, since their mascot was a dragon. My kids are now 22 and 23 years old - so I figure I started this at least 12 years ago.

I actually finished the top back in 2011. But as I was stitching the binding, I realized that I had attached the hanging sleeve to the bottom of the quilt, instead of the top.  In annoyance, I folded it up and stuffed it in a box.  For 7 years, apparently.

The quilt is reduce to 1/2 the original size - because the original is 8 feet tall, and where was I supposed to hang that?  So this one is about 40" x 12".  I'm not sure what I was thinking - apparently I finished it without any batting at all. But it's done now - hanging sleeves sewn to both top and bottom, so I can weight the bottom edge if I need to in order to get it to hang evenly.

I had completely forgotten about this quilt, so it didn't even make it onto my UFO list, But I'm counting it as a completed UFO anyway.


  1. That looks like a lot of work to keep hidden in a box! And to think you made it half size. What technique did you use?

  2. I think this beauty qualifies as a UFO finish - well done and congrats!