Friday, 2 February 2018

February UFOs

Well, the February numbers have been drawn for the UFO challenges that I'm following.  Judy is being mean to me :)  Last month, she picked my monster labyrinth quilt (which I actually finished, so I admit motivation is high right now). This month, she pulled #1, and that's my 150 Canadian Women quilt. This is what it looks like right now.

That's 2 bags of scraps, 3 pages of block photos, and a 6" high stack of 6" blocks.  120 of them. That means I still need to make 30 more (as pictured on those pages), before I can even start assembling the top.  I'd love to make progress on this quilt, but there is no way it's getting finished this month.

Fortunately, APQ has been nicer to me. They pulled #9, which is my hexie group quilt for charity, and it's ready for quilting.  And bonus - I had set myself a deadline of finishing it this month already so I get a twofer here.  I picked up backing for it last week, so it's all set to go. Just have to figure out binding.

So, my plans for this month - finish the APQ UFO challenge. That's fair - I did Judy's last month, so I'll do APQ this month.  And make significant progress on Judy's challenge.  I have a retreat mid-month, and if I focus I'll be able to finish all 30 blocks while I'm there. So that is my goal for this month on that quilt.  Then hopefully when APQ pulls #1 I'll be ready to finish it off.

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