Saturday, 22 October 2011

Pink Quilt

I decided that my next move should be to find some space in my sewing room - which means finishing some projects.  So rather than cutting into the black and white (which is sitting on my cutting table, calling my name) I will continue to work on the quilting of some finished tops.

First up, my pink quilt.  This was not part of the monochromatic challenge for August, because I made it back in June.  And now I'll finish it in October, completely spanning the "pink" month :)

I decided to step outside my comfort zone, and rather than an all-over meander, or straight line quilting, I'm going to quilt each section.  Nothing too intricate, because I don't want this quilt to be heavily quilted.  Plus I'm not sure my skills are up to it.

I considered feathers - I do have a quilt that I really want to do in feathers, but I need some practice first  But I decided that this quilt didn't fit the feather pattern, so I chose a simple flower.  In the blocks on the edge of the quilt, where the fill is a slightly different shape, I'm filling out the quilting with an extra leaf.

I haven't figured out yet how to quilt the pink strips themselves. Hopefully something will come to me before I get to that point.  The smaller background squares will be quilted with 4-leaf clovers, I think.  Or a miniature of the flower in the larger areas.

This is a rather large quilt (80x80"), so I expect the quilting to take some time.  I may break down and setup my old sewing machine, so that I can do some piecing in the meantime, while I work on this.

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  1. I love your pink quilt -- and I think your flowers quilted in the centers of the blocks are just perfect. Nicely done! :)