Thursday, 20 October 2011


I did it!  I finished 3 quilts, without giving in to the desire to cut into my pretty black and whites.  Two baby quilts assembled (and ugly fabric no longer in my stash).  And the borders are on my watercolour star.  Success!

Now, the question becomes, do I reward myself with the black and whites, and start cutting triangles and hexagons.   Or do I take the next logical step, and quilt some of the 5 quilts I have that are waiting for my attention?  Decisions, decisions. 

When I first mentioned making these baby quilts, before cutting into a new project, one reader commented that I had a lot of willpower.  As I think about it, I am starting to realize that it wasn't so much willpower that kept me on track with the baby quilts. It was fear.  Those black and whites - 25 fat quarters of them - are going to be cut into 1.5" triangles and hexagons.

I just finished the watercolour star, and I am starting to doubt my sanity about wanting to jump back into the land of itty bitty pieces.  Admittedly, the pieces are slightly larger this time.  But they come with the joys of Y-seams.

Here they are, all stacked up.  And in the back, you can see 3 more works in progress (or in planning) that I really should finish up.  So, what is it?  Quilt some of the 5, finish some of the 3, or start a new one?  Help me out - leave a vote in the comments, and maybe you can help me make up my mind :)

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