Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Seeing stars

I've been sewing together 4" blocks tonight - it's like I've escaped from the land of Lilliput :)  I've finally reached the out edges (before the borders, anyway) of my star.  As I moved out, I increased the size of the background blocks, since I decided to do a scrappy white background, rather than attempting to do more colourwash.  I thought that might detract from the star (and I was really tired of 1" blocks, I have to admit).  So, the farther out from the star I moved, the larger my background blocks are.  All the way up to 5"x4" (there's an odd number of 1" blocks in the star).

The right side is all assembled into 8" squares, and ready to finish.  Still a bit of joining to do on the left, but if it falls off the wall tonight, I have some hope of being able to put it back without pulling my hair out :)

I haven't decided on border treatment yet.  My head tells me that a colourwash 1" border is the way to go, but I don't know if I have the energy or the scraps to do that.  I'll see what the quilt says to me once it's all in one piece.

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