Sunday, 27 November 2011

Stash Report - Nov 27

1 3/4 yards - 224 QST for Bonnie's Mystery, step 1
1 yard - backing & binding for black & white quilt
1 1/2 yards - Monday Mystery
Total: 4 1/4 yards out

Hey, that looks great!  I'm back in the black, since all I needed was one yard.  However, on Wednesday I went shopping.  4 3/4 yards in (oops).  I was having a bad day, so I dropped by the quilt shop.  Big mistake.  So much for the black.   I'm an additional 1/2 yard in the red instead.

Stash Totals for this year:
Overall, 104.5 yards in, 103.0 yards out
Net for the year:  1.5 yards in

The good news is that I broke the 100 yards used mark for the year.  And I'm still confident I can pull the net used back into the black.  Bonnie's mystery should help with that.  If I can just stay out of the quilt shop...

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