Friday, 29 August 2014

Common Threads Indigo Quilts

I just got back from a trip to Vancouver, and I had the opportunity to see a lovely collection of quilts. The Common Threads Indigo Quilts display, at the Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver is absolutely beautiful. My timing was perfect, as the quilts are normally only viewable before & after Sunday service, or by appointment.  But a few days before my visit my father happened to be in a meeting with a member of the church, and a tour had been arranged (for the Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild gathering, I believe) on the Saturday I was to be there.  When they found out I was a quilter, I was invited to join the tour.

The collaboration and process in putting this together is incredible.  118 people created 26 quilts from hand-dyed indigo fabrics. The red ribbon running through all of the quilts is carefully placed to connect the quilts, and represents the community of the church. The quilts cover the 4 walls of the parish hall, and each wall represents a view from Vancouver - the north shore mountains, the west coast, and east & south views.  This is the southern wall pictured here.

And a portion of the west view with an orca whale.

And east here.

I love the salmon stitched into the ribbon, on this quilt.

And the letters on this quilt are all individually hand beaded.

Such beautiful work. I have a few photos here, but please check out their site for photos of the entire collection and the story behind the project.

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  1. Wow! These are so beautiful. Soooo Canadian!! Yeah!
    Thank you for sharing.