Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mystery Progress

I worked on more of my Border Creek Station mystery last night. I'm not worried about spoiling the mystery for people, since this was June's clue I think. Or maybe even May. But, if you are working on the mystery and don't want to see the center of the top, look away now :)

Too late.

I am making the "bodacious bed runner" - but I really don't like the size/shape of it (57x93). So instead of using the 10 blocks, I think I'm going to use 9 of them in a square pattern, and make it about 70x70 - a big lap quilt.  That means I have an extra block, and a couple of options for the layout.

I'm leaning towards the first one, but am open to opinions on that.  Looking at the center squares, I'm a little bit tempted to remake one or two of the little 6-inch blocks.  3 blend into the quilt, and 2 stand out much more.  Not sure yet, but I'm kind of ready to be done, so they may stay as is.

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