Saturday, 31 January 2015

350 blocks - January

It's time to see how everyone did in the 350 block challenge. We were supposed to make 20 blocks this month (and 30 each month following, I guess).  I got lucky, since my New Year's mystery quilts fell into January for the most part.

I made 28 blocks for Merry Mayhem's New Year's Day mystery. That's a bit of a guess, since the "blocks" were odd sizes and assembled into rows. I also didn't count the pieced borders as bocks for this one.

20 blocks for the New Year's Day mystery

12 blocks for Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion. Again, I didn't count the border blocks for this one. The pieces for the borders were all assembled in December, so they don't really count anyway.

I actually made 6 block of the week blocks, although only 3 are pictured here. The rest got done and then immediately laid out with the whole quilt, before I remembered to take a picture.

And I've rejoined the Block Lotto this year, after a 2 year hiatus.  I loved the look of this block, so I made 8 of them.

That's a total of 74 blocks this month

For a grand total of 74 blocks so far this year.  I'm ahead!  But I'd better not get overconfident :)  30 blocks a month is going to be a challenge, with my other resolutions to finish some UFOs and not start any projects I don't already have fabric for.


  1. Yay! for all of the blocks you finished in January. I especially like your Block Lotto blocks!

  2. I like to have a little extra cushioning so if I have a not-so-productive month later on, I'm still OK! I love your Grand Illusion quilt! Well, I like all the projects you did!

  3. Such pretty quilts! I particularly like the HST mystery quilt.

  4. You are very busy, and all are just beautiful quilts.