Monday, 9 February 2015

Design Wall Monday

This quilt is now officially off my design wall.  I'm not 100% happy with the borders, but it's what I could do with the fabric I had.  Paying shipping charges from the US to buy another 3 yards of the border print was not in the cards.

This corner of the border I love.

I really enjoyed making this quilt - 1 six-inch blocks a week, for 49 weeks, so it's been a work in progress for a long time.  It was definitely a chance to work with a lot of different blocks, and some very small pieces.

Now that this one is done, I've already started my next project. Yes, I know I should be quilting some of my (now) 23 quilt tops.  And I did get one loaded this weekend. But a girl needs a break from the longarm once in a while :)

Here's the fabric for my next adventure (ignore those bright yellow/purple/red splotches - I didn't realize I'd piled the fabric on another quilt). The quilt is coming from "Modern Neutrals" by Amy Ellis.


  1. The borders look fine to me! I like the way the dark setting/border sets off the lighter blocks. Very effective.

  2. It's gorgeous and I love the border too.

  3. It is beautiful. I think the border is just wonderful. I feel your pain ordering from down south with our low $ and high shipping it sure stops me in my tracks.

  4. Your borders look great. if you really do need more of it, Quilting Confections in Windsor ON carried that line. I'm sure there's more there

  5. Beautiful quilt! The border fabric really works with those blocks.