Friday, 15 May 2015

Layout options

I've been playing with my turqoise & brown triangles for the past couple of days.  I had 15 of them, and was struggling to find a layout that I liked for this.  The 3 by 5 arrangement just looked lopsided no matter what I did.

Pinwheels was the original plan. But it felt messy once I had it on the wall, and the pinwheels just disappeared.

 So I tried arrows to see if I like that better.  Not really - seems kind of boring. I even turned it over, since this one felt like they were flying into the ground. But that didn't work either.

So I tried a chevron/zigzag layout. Liking this better, but this is where the lopsided aspect really got to me.

I vaguely recalled tossing a triangle into the scrap bin because I had cut it down too much for the original quilt. But this quilt was using all the undersized triangles, so they were being cut down farther anyway. So, I went digging through the scrap bin.  And I found it!

One extra block made, and now I have a 4x4 layout, which is much more symmetrical.  I added some additional brown triangles to edges to complete the pattern. Then I found some white for borders, and had just enough to finish off the ends and put narrow borders top and bottom. 

I'm linking up at WIPs be Gone today


  1. I didn't mind the second-last layout but your end result is perfect.

  2. What a fun to play with those blocks with beautigul colors. I love the last lay out too. Hope that will be the one.