Saturday, 16 May 2015

Oops (again)

There's a danger with working on more than one project at once. I've been finishing off two small projects, using up the ends of fabric from earlier quilts.  After I came up with my layout for the green and brown quilt, which I showed yesterday, I needed to cut some white fabric to fill it out with a border.  I looked at the piece in front of my on the cutting table, did some quick measurements, and figured out that I had JUST enough to fit, if I kept the top & bottom borders small.  So, I made my cuts, and laid the fabric out on the design wall to make sure it would fit.

Then, I proceeded to make some more blocks for my other current project - my Irish chain, with leftovers from Chain Reaction.  I found enough additional strips to make 12 more 9-patch blocks, and should therefore have enough to add another round to this quilt.  But, as I was sewing together 9-patches, I went looking for my white fabric to make the alternate blocks.  And that's when I realized what I had done earlier.  I used the white fabric from my Irish chain, to make the borders on my turquoise/brown quilt.  I had just enough fabric - but I was not supposed to use THAT fabric.  There are about 4 other pieces of white on my sewing table. But no. I picked up the white I had been using on another quilt. :(

So, I guess my Irish chain will remain small. It is the perfect size for a quiltie so I guess that's its destiny.  And the other 12 9-patch blocks with make another small quilt - using a different white fabric.

Lesson learned - FOCUS. And stop trying to do so much at once.


  1. Any chance you can order more? I have a similar problem - I've got some black that I want to use for three different quilts. Guess I'm just going to have to pick some more up somewhere.

  2. If the whites are that close in colour, can you just interchange them and make it work for you?? I would not give up on it yet, I would just make the other whites work in this. And if it does go into a show, let it be what it is then - magic 'cause it worked!!! ;)