Sunday, May 24, 2015

Statsh Report - May 24

I've had a really productive week, and lots to report today.   I finsihed binding 4 little quilts (actually 9, but binding was already counted for 5 of the little ones). Finished putting the border on my guild mystery and made a backing for it.  Quilted 2 quilts on the longarm and got binding cut for one of them.  And made progress on another new/old project that's been sitting around for ages.

Here is the guild mystery and backing.  I used all the partial strips I had left - plus 15 9-patches that were extra due to a typo in the instructions - to make the backing.   The strip is intentionally off-center, even though that meant an additional 2 seams in the backing.

All those backings make my numbers look pretty good this week:

Binding - 2 quilties, 2 baby quilts - 1 yard.
backing - Kaffe quilt - 4 1/2 yards
binding - Kaffe quilt - 3/4 yards
backing - Regatta - 4 1/2 yards
Guild mystery quilt - 8 yards
backing - Guild mystery - 4 1/2 yards

Total out this week: 23 1/4 yards

Stash totals for the year:
91 yards in
146 yards out
Total: 55 yards out

Drop by Judy's blog to see more stash reports.


  1. Great outage! Your mystery quilt is very pretty

  2. Love your mystery quilt. The colors are some of my favorites. Don't you just love pieced backings. I do and yours is great. Your used numbers this week are fantastic. Wish I could say the same.

  3. Numbers look great! Did you or a guild member design the mystery? It's a very interesting design.

  4. The guild mystery quilt turned out beautifully. You did have a great week, excellent stash numbers!

  5. Great back! I always set mine off center too. Great numbers too :)