Monday, 7 September 2015

Design Wall Monday - Sept 7

Still the same projects in progress on my design wall. No new scrappy pineapple blocks got made, no progress on my twister. I did add a couple of rows to my skyline relfection. And realized that I completely forgot to reverse the image for the reflection part :(  So a bit of juggling there, but I'll be able to make it work, thanks to all the cutting I was doing anyway.

My efforts this weekend have focused on finishing some projects.  I made really good progress, even if most of them are just little baby quilts.  First, Fox and Friends got quilted. This one is now done, because someone else will bind it. 

I quilted my Modern Rainbow quilt. Just need to bind it today to consider that a finish.  I'm not too happy with the back (it's not lying as flat as it should be - definitely a case of why one should always quilt from the center out) but the front makes me very happy.  And my extra layer of fabric on top of the batting seems to have completely resolved the issue of the colour showing through from the back. See this for my earlier post on that topic.

And I quilted and bound a few donation quilts.Not my best work, but hopefully they'll brighten up a room and keep someone warm this winter.

Drop by Judy's blog for more design walls today.


  1. All your quilts look great, I especially love the rainbow one!

  2. You had a really productive week! Your Modern Rainbow quilt is awesome. Really like the quilting you did on it.

  3. You have a lot of beautiful quilt finishes this week. I especially like your fox and friends and rainbow quilts. You are one busy lady.