Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Ah, September. It's hard to believe it's here already.  My son heads back to university today, the days are getting cooler (or they were - 30 degrees Celcius is the high for today), nights are getting longer.  And I noticed deads leaves falling from my trees on the weekend. Looks like fall has snuck up on us again.

It looks like I'm going to have a bit of a lull in my longarm quilting business this month. I hope not to let that time go to waste, and use it to catch up on a few of my own projects.  I'm actually quite proud of my accomplishments this year so far. Of the 22 quilt tops I had at the start of the year, 1/2 of them are now completed. Of course that doesn't mean I didn't add just as many new tops waiting to be quilted - but at least they are newer projects :) 

This month I hope to quilt a number of these tops. First, I have to finish two new ones, for classes I'm going to teach this fall and next winter.  Then, I'll see how many others I can complete before Christmas quilts start coming in from clients.  A smart person might pull the oldest tops and do those first, but I suspect I'll take the easy route and pull out all the small tops I have piled up recently.  Instant (or faster, anyway) gratification that way.  These pictures are the next two finishes you should see from me, if I stick to the plan.

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  1. The foxes are just too cute! A red fox came trotting up our drive one day, but I haven't seen him/her since.