Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Scraptastic Tuesday

I just stumbled across Scraptastic Tuesdays. What a wonderful idea! I'm trying to quilt from what I have this year, and the biggest challenge for me is quilting from my scrap bins (rather than my stash of yardage). So, I think I will join up here, and see if I can get inspired each month with a scrappy project to keep my bins shrinking.

For this month, I lucked out. I spent some time yesterday working on this scrappy beauty. And I do mean beauty, because the block is a variation of a traditional block called Blackford's Beauty.  This is going to be my block for the Block Party I'm participating in this year. My month is coming up in a couple of weeks, so I cut 12 sets of fabric from my scrap bins, and made my sample block for the group to see what they are making.

I don't know yet what the setting is going to look like. All the blocks are scrappy, but each has a red center and small red squares in the corners (I have limits to just how scrappy I am comfortable going :) )

The blocks are an odd-ish size - 13" unfinished, 12 1/2" finished.  But I can work with that and come up with some sort of setting plan, once I have all 12 blocks back. I think this will make a neat quilt, and I hope my Block Party friends won't shoot me for the number of pieces in my block :)


  1. Its a great block, and I do like you scraps - all those jewel tones are just my thing.

  2. It is a beauty indeed ! Glad you are joining us by linking up to #scraptastictuesday! Fingers crossed that your beemates are amenable - it will be worth it though they may take their revenge when it comes to their month!?