Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Winding Ways Quilt

I played a bit with the layout, particularly in the bottom right corner, and I think I'm much happier with this arrangement. I also sewed some blocks!  6 on the wall, and a blank space where one is sitting on my sewing table waiting its turn.

Now (or soon) it's decision time.  Look how much smaller it gets when the blocks are sewn together!  the quilt is going to be about 51x68", with scalloped edges, if I just leave it at this.  That is, I suppose, a reasonable lap size quilt.  But at one point my dream was that this would fit a double bed. I am completely out of black, so continuing the pattern further is out of the question. I've played around with a couple of border options, but nothing is really striking my fancy yet.

There is of course the basic option. This comes out about 61x83" - still a bit shy of a double bed in width. The length is pretty much spot on.

I like this border treatment. It would be a different colour - probably a completely different fabric from anything else in the quilt, just because it's what's available.  But this ends up 85x100" - too big for a double bed, really.  I could reduce the space between the center and the black border, but that only gets me back maybe 8".  77x93" is still a bit odd for a double bed.

I really think I'm aiming for about 75x80", for a double bed.

This may be my best option.  73x91", and I can tweak the inner/outer border sizes a bit maybe, to get where I want it to be.

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