Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Second chances

I was working on this quilt at a retreat. The intention was to make 2 quilts - the pattern produces 2 different blocks and I figured I could make 2 quilts for donation from some scraps I had.  But when I got to the retreat, I realized that I only had 1/2 the fabric I needed for that plan. And then, when I started cutting my blocks I wasn't thinking, and cut half in one direction and half the other way.  Which completely messed up the lovely pinwheels that were supposed to show up in one of the quilts.

I grumbled and complained about it, and almost tossed it back in the bag. But at that point I just wanted it out of my sight. So I finished up the blocks I had and played around with the settings to put them all into one quilt.  This is what I came up with - not horrible, and a reasonably effective use of the scraps I had on hand. And, it's 50x70", so just right for donation.

I was so annoyed with it, that I decided to release it to the wild at my Victoria's Quilts meeting and let someone else deal with it. I dropped it off for someone to make a presentation bag one week. And started having seconds thoughts about it - so I picked it up last month to quilt myself.  I guess I just can't let go.


  1. You came up with a nice solution. Pinwheels, heck even HSTs, always disorient me!

  2. i really like it. it looks bold and modern. plus i liked it before i read your story so please dont think i am soft soaping.

  3. I made this quilt in Asian Fabrics. I had so many leftover blocks I made a second smaller one