Friday, 8 January 2010

Background noise

When I'm quilting, I like to have something going on the background.  If I don't have music, or TV running, it's just too quiet to work for long.  In my sewing room, I have a TV.  This sounds great!  Until I tell you that it has never been hooked up since I moved here, because I don't have a satellite receiver for that room.   Here it is, taking up space on the corner of my cutting table.  I've always used it as a DVD viewing station. This works reasonably well, but by now I've gone through all of my DVDs several times, and I'm getting tired of them.

Over Christmas, there were all these great TV marathons playing.  It would have been perfect to tune in something like that and spend a day sewing.  So, as I sat watching a show and thinking about quilting, I finally got tired of the setup.  I went downstairs and took some measurements, and discovered that the cable running up the bedroom could easily be re-routed from the satellite box, to the living room (where I have a receiver).   So I pulled out my drill, moved my TV cabinet, and drilled myself a hole for the re-routed cable line (gee that sounds easy, doesn't it?  I admit that it didn't go quite that smoothly, but in the end, the cable was in the living room.)   Then, I went shopping and bought myself a cable splitter. And now, I can watch TV in either (or both) the living room and my sewing room.  Only catch is, I can only change the channel from the living room.

So now, when I want to go sew for a couple of hours, I check the TV listings, setup some timers for the shows I want to listen to while I sew, and I'm off and running.  And I can still switch over to a DVD viewing session if I want to.  It's made a big difference the in amount of time I spend in the sewing room.  And it's really nice not to have to interrupt a step to get up and change the DVD (or listen to the "intro" music over, and over, and over, while it waits for me to do something).


  1. That's great! You are good with these things. I'm so terrified of messing up the walls etc. I stay a good mile away from anything that needs drilling! The most I do is use command hooks to hang up things. :)
    I love listening to audiobooks while I sew - the only problem is that the machine is too loud and even if the volume is at max, I miss bits, so I have to sew real slow!

  2. That is what I have set up in my room!!! Love it!!! I also got myself the almost full set of "The Waltons"!! that is hours and hours of memories and good TV - not that I have gotten past season 1 yet, but that is not the point!!!
    And hubby set up the satellite like yours, I have to go to another room to change the channel - and good point about the 'timer' thing you can use - duh-hu!!!!!! I never thought of that!!!!
    I am glad you now have some entertainment in your room!!! I also listen to audio books there - it just gets to quiet when it's you and your thoughts all alone.......... Great job setting yourself up with your very own system!!! Excellant!!!

  3. Glad you got it all set up. No WAY would I drill through walls - I'd knock the power out for the whole neighborhood LOL! I am the same way though. Need the noise or I can't sew. Did an NCIS marathon over Christmas while I made a quilt. Love my TV. Cindi

  4. For Christmas my DH gave me a small flat screen HD tv and a blu-ray player for my sewing room. He got tired of trying to watch the old tv while keeping me company while I sewed. It took up way too much room, couldn't get the premium channels and I didn't have a DVD player so I was restricted to basic cable shows. As a surprise, my son got me a small stereo system to hook up to it as well. I feel so loved!!!! I love being in my room even more now. Plan to watch my first Blu-ray movie today. Life is good.