Saturday, 30 January 2010

Bits and pieces

I read on another blog recently, how the author made cat pillows from the scraps created at her cutting table.  It sounded like a great idea, so I tried it myself.  I cut a piece of fabric about 15" x 40", and stitched 2 sides closed.  Then I tossed in all the scraps from my cutting table.

The pillow filled up pretty quickly, and it made me feel a lot less guilty about throwing out those little pieces that I'm sure someone could make into a cute little quilt.  I, however, am not a miniature quilter, so when I save them they just make me feel bad for not using them.  And they clutter up my scrap boxes so that I can't get to anything.  Here's the first pillow - already in use.

Of course, this is the cat who will sleep just about anywhere ... including inside a backpack filled with books.  So it's hard to say if that means much.


  1. Your cat looks a little like my Grace Hopper ... who also loves to curl up inside of things and sleep or hide. She's hiding from the maintenance guy who was just here under the extra quilts I put on the bed last night when I realized the furnace wasn't working.

  2. Well. Isn't this a timely post!! I have a garbage pail filled with the tiny scraps that I am not saving, and am planning on putting into my compost (it is cotton material!!) - and I have a cat who has no bed to speak off. Hmmm, I am sure I could now use these itty bitty scraps and make a bed for him. That would make better sense, and if he eventually trashes it, then I can throw it into the compost!!! thanks for the great idea!! (yes, I have thought of using it for stuffing, but I don't do teddy bears or make dolls, but this, I could do!!!) I just have not thought of making 'it' a bed before either. I don't want 'it' to know I kinda like him......

  3. LOL. They can definitely sleep just about anywhere, can't they? Great way to use your scraps!

  4. Thanks for the idea! It is hard to throw those little pieces out. I'm starting a new bin just for little scraps now! It's raining right now in San Diego - going thru fabric and organizing things will be a good thing to work on for a while. : ) June