Friday, 27 May 2011


It can't just a coincidence.  I logged in today, checked out the blogroll on my blog, and 2 of the newest posts had the word "accountability" in the title.  Couple this with Bari at Crossroads Quilts, who hosts an accountability challenge every Wednesday, and I'm starting to get a message here.  I have been mulling over my unfinished projects for the past several days.  I was on hiatus in January, when Judy started up her 2011 UFO challenge.  I regret that, and I've been wondering if I can jump into that mid-year, and try to clean up a number of my current UFOs.

Perhaps instead I will join Bari's challenge.  At least for the next couple of weeks.  I just spent the evening putting together quilt layers.  This weekend I plan to do the following:
1. quilt Over the Rainbow
2. quilt Rainbow Dreams
3. quilt the unnamed quilt (and name it)
4 label & finish binding my black & white quilt
5. label (and name) my lavender quilt

Check back with me on Wednesday to see how far I got with that list.  Or pop over to Bari's blog to see who is being held accountable this week.

For the record, here is my UFO list as it stands today.
1. Field of Stars - needs binding
2. Dragon stained glass quilt - still in assembly stages
3. Feathered star - needs a setting
4. un-unamed quilt - needs quilting
5. Christmas napkins - half-finished
6. pillow cases - cut out, ready to assemble and send to ConKerr Cancer
7. sleight of hand - needs quilting
8. rainbow dreams - needs quilting
9. tic tac toe - needs quilting
10. tic tac toe 2 - blocks to be assembled
11. tic tac toe 3 - more blocks

12 Grant's quilt - needs quilting

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  1. Happy to have you join our accountability. Come and go as it works for you, but it has really made a difference in what I get done and has helped me a lot. Just the idea of not having anything to report on a Wednesday is enough to keep me up last Tuesday if necessary!

    I believe you can join in Judy's UFO challenge any time it works for you. I just wish I only had 12 UFO's on my list! I could sew and quilt for a couple of years and not start any new projects. Amazing! Notice I said "could" not "will"! Those new techniques are what get me....just have to learn that technique. Or have to get a new baby quilt done and sent off and that takes up what little quilting time I have for myself.

    Anyway, I love your Sleight of Hand (another technique I may have to try my hand at!). Your quilts are beautiful!

    I look forward to seeing what you get done next Wednesday and thanks for joining us!