Sunday, 15 May 2011


Quilting isn't the only thing I do around the house.  I am the resident handy(wo)man, and today I finally got tired of my pot cupboard.  It's been annoying me since I moved in - 1 large space, with only a 1/2 shelf in the middle, so there was lots of wasted space.  And in order to store items in there, I have to stack them - and then unstack to get at the one I want to use.   I've been wanting to put drawers in for ages, and today I finally decided it was time to move forward with this.  I bought the drawer slides, and a sheet of melamine for the boxes.

Brought them home, measured, and realized that the hinges on the cupboard doors would prevent any normal drawer slide from functioning.  Replacing the hinged front with drawer fronts is not a simple option, and I knew would never match well, so I wanted to avoid that.  I pondered this for a while, and then hit on a solution - attach the doors to the bottom drawer, so that they move forward with the drawer instead of opening to the sides.

I cut the pieces for the drawer - and realized that I didn't have any appropriate screws.  So another trip out to the store.  Much fiddling and measuring later, I have a drawer!  Access is from the side, obviously, but I think this will work out just fine for me.

And it looks just like it did before, from the outside.  Two more drawers to make, but that will have to wait for another day.

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