Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

A very happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there.  I think Mother Nature's children must have disappointed her by forgetting about Mother's Day this year, because she seems kind of gloomy today.  It was supposed to be a sunny, warm weekend, but we have clouds as far as the eye can see.  No rain yet, however.

I told my kids that what I wanted for Mother's Day this year was to be able to quilt uninterrupted all day.  They were agreeable, so what did I do?  I spent 2 hours quilting, then I went shopping, and when I came home instead of making a quilt, I whipped up this: a liner for a bread basket I bought on my shopping trip.

Small, and quick to make.  But I think it will keep my bread warm and toasty :)

It used about 1/2 yard of fabric, so my stash report this week is pretty slim.  But I'm chugging along again with my quilting again, and I expect to have more to report next week.

Overall, 11.75 yards in, 9 yards out.
Net for the year:  2.75 yards in.

Check out Judy's blog for everyone else's stash reports.

1 comment:

  1. You might not have spent the day 'quilting' but you did get to spend it doing what you wanted!! And that is really what you wanted for Mothers Day anyway!!
    And your bread basket is wounderful!!
    I am glad you have had such a nice day!!
    Happy Mothers Day!