Monday, 5 September 2011

Design Wall Monday - Sept 5

My design wall looks a lot like it did 2 weeks ago. The only difference is, the flowers have been replaced by curved rails this time.  I did get some quilting done - the Fibonacci Spiral is ready for binding.  Unfortunately, my August UFO is still waiting to be quilted.  At least it got basted.

I'm not feeling the love for the blue quilt right now, so I'm thinking about starting something new.  My sewing room is a disaster, after pulling scraps for the rails, and piecing the backing for the Sleight of Hand.  So I have a few options to get moving again.
  1. Bite the bullet and cut the next stage of the blue quilt.  
  2. Quilt the sleight of hand.
  3. work on the black & white quilt
  4. clean & organize the sewing room
I'm thinking it might be #4 - in the process of which I can maybe pull a set of scraps for a new quilt.  I'd really like to do a watercolour - but I don't think I have enough florals for that to work out.  I tend more towards tone on tone.  Or I could pull my greens, for Judy's September monochromatic challenge.

I'm off to try to get motivated, before the kids get up.  Check out Judy's blog to see what other quilters have on their walls today.


  1. You know, that's one of the things I most appreciate about quilting. If I get tired of one thing, I can move on to another! :) I like the Sleight of Hand -- pretty cool looking! :)

  2. Your curved rails are very interesting. I have not seen that pattern before. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  3. I resemble that remark - I seem to work better on 3-4 at a time than any one project. I like all of your projects, but especially the blue, such a beauty.

  4. I love the blue quilt. You did a beautiful job--don't let it get lost in the UFO pile.

  5. It's so hard when you're not feeling the love for a project. I'd put it away for a while and when you get it back out, I'm sure you'll love it again (because it's a beauty!)