Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sleight of Hand

It's done!  This quilt is my "Sleight of Hand".  The blocks are card trick blocks, made with no triangles.  Then set on point with alternating blocks.  It started here, back in Feb 2010, and is finally quilted and bound now.  The card trick blocks were really quick and easy to make, especially making them without triangles.  Then I sort of defeated that, by planning the tiny little squares in the sashing.  The quilt has been waiting in my closet for about a year, for me to get around to finishing it off.

It seemed logical to continue the card-trick theme on the back of the quilt.  One large card trick block, using the same construction technique.I'm starting to really like pieced backings.

Once it was basted last week, I quilted it with a diagonal crosshatch - and the backing is actually squared up too.  The top thread is cream, and the bottom is a variegated rainbow thread.  I thought the colours were too much for the front of the quilt, but they work on the back and add a bit of interest there.

This was my August quilt for the UFO challenge, so I'm getting caught up - a bit anyway.  Let's not look at the ones still to do for Jan, Feb, and Sept :)


  1. It Looks wonderful!!!!! And I love, totally love, the setting and the small squares in the sashing!

  2. This is a great finish!! I love the little blks in the sashing - it makes the whole quilt pop!!
    You have done a beautiful job on this project - Be proud of your work and I love the results!!