Friday, 23 September 2011

Still going

Another couple of days, and the next part of the star is pieced.  I still have some arranging to do, to get the light -> dark flow a bit smoother.  But progress continues to be made.

I am making a lot of use of my digital camera, and the photo editting feature on my computer.  I haven't decided if I think that's cheating or not, but it is certainly making it easier to tell if the shading is really correct.  There's been a lot of back and forth, up and down stairs between the computer and the sewing room this week.  It would be nice if the camera had a black & white option in the special features, but apparently it doesn't.

In between playing with little tiny squares, I've managed to baste one of my quilts.  But I realized that my sewing table is too close to the design wall to quilt it safely.  I'll end up with all the bits on the floor if I try, so I need to get the star moved along to the next stage before I start quilting.


  1. I don't think it's cheating, at all. I think we should make full use of the tools we have. It is guaranteed that if our great grandmothers had a sewing machine to use, they would have used it, rather than sew everything by hand. Well, most of them would.

  2. Nothing is 'cheating' if it makes it easier for you. Better to see it now then when it's all sewn together.....!!!!!

    I think it is looking pretty good and yes, I agree! No quilting till the star is moved!!! I had that happen to me, all my blocks were arranged how I wanted them and my DD ran into my 'wall' and they went all over the floor!!! I never did get it 'right' again, but it's finished now, so live and learn. Lock my sewing room door when I am not in there!!! ;-)