Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Making Progress

The design wall is making progress this week.  I now have all 4 main points complete.  The picture isn't great, but I think you can see where it's going.

I started sewing some of the squares into pairs, and then into 4-patch blocks.  I may regret this, because it's making the next 4 points really hard to visualize. But I didn't have much choice since my design wall really isn't big enough to hold all this.  I think I'll stop at the 4-patches, and start placing the next points.  Then I can hopefully merge it all together when they are done.

In the meantime, the batting I need to quilt my next 2 quilts is in the closet - behind that door which has the design wall tacked to it.  I didn't plan that very well :(  I'm hoping to sneak in there soon, without knocking all the squares off the wall, so that I can baste the next quilts and get them ready for quilting.


  1. This looks lovely Krista - it is going to be a very pretty quilt indeed.

  2. It looks wonderful 2 points looked good, 4 is even better, 8 will be fantastic. I don't envy you sewing them all together, though.