Monday, 30 January 2012

Design Wall Monday - Jan 30

My design wall is looking pretty lonely today.  The two quilts I was working on have both come down for quilting, and all that's left are the BOM blocks.  And I can't even show progress there, because I haven't done this month's block yet.

But, the January UFO quilt is quilted!  Now it's just waiting for binding.  That had to wait yesterday for some laundry to finish.  I'm still trying to finish washing all the fabric I bought at the Christmas sales, and the binding fabric is one of them.  But the laundry is now done and hopefully I'll get this binding done tonight.

Unfortunately, a minor accident may slow down my quilting this week.  A combination of two things going on in this picture.  I've been suffering from what I think is carpal tunnel for the past couple of weeks, so I got myself a brace to try to ease the issues.  Fortunately that wasn't having much impact on my quilting - more on my blogging, because I've been trying to avoid aggravating it with computer use.  I'm learning to use my left hand for the mouse, and that was going pretty well. 

Then yesterday I was doing some work in the kitchen, to install a new faucet because the old one was leaking.  Success was achieved, but at the cost of a cut down the center of my knuckle.  So now I'm trying to keep that finger immobilized so I don't re-open the cut.  Makes typing a challenge, and I haven't tried quilting yet.  If I could move the finger, I'd have it crossed that I'll be able to do my binding tonight :)


  1. Oh dear! When you do it, you do it in spades. Just rest the wrist/hand up well. You can spend your time looking at these reports and quilt books/magazines. I hope you heal up quickly.

  2. Ouch! Hope you heal up quickly. Congratulations on getting that UFO finished!

  3. I think you should stick to quilting instead of plumbing... poor thing! I hope it heal fast. Congrats on getting the January UFO quilted!!!

  4. Ow! Maybe it is time for you to take a vacation and let the quilting, blogging, and plumbing go for a while. And you do have two quilts almost finished this month, that is quite an accomplishment.