Monday, January 27, 2014

Design Wall Monday

The was on my design wall for a while this week, but the top is now done, and it's folded and ready to join the queue for quilting.  Just need to find some backing fabric in my stash.  This quilt is entirely made from scraps - even the sashing and borders were off-cuts from a backing on a previous quilt.

This is my quilt from Judy's scrap challenge this month - all set for her to give the call to "Finish those projects!".  Definitely a fun block, but now I know why I haven't used my scraps - what a pain to pick and choose fabrics and pieces of the right size from a bin crammed full of bits.  But I'm determined to join Judy in this challenge - whether I get a full quilt each month remains to be seen.

This quilt is 50x60, which is perfect for Victoria's Quilts, and it will head off as soon as I quilt and bind it (and a couple more).

Now my design wall looks like this.

It went through a number of variations over the day yesterday.

And it's just not speaking to me.  I'd love some suggestions - I really love the fabrics, although they aren't playing together how I thought they would.  And now I have all these little squares and no idea what I want to do with them.  Don't let this become another UFO!

This one has an interesting ribbon effect going on, but I don't like the solid strips of colour beside each other.

In the bottom photo I was thinking the little squares would mingle in the center, all the colours mixed up. But I'm not really happy with the heavy corners when I group all the colours like that.

Leave me a suggestion in the comments :) then head over to Judy's blog to see what everyone else is up to today.


  1. Can you separate the solid strips with black sashing?? The scrappy quilt is gorgeous, you must have a good scrap stash!

  2. I love your Scrap Challenge quilt. It is bright and cheery. You're not alone when it comes to going through the scraps and mixing just the right fabrics to make a block sparkle. Just love it!

  3. I like the first ribbon-like setting the best, but I agree that the strips alone are too much. I would make units like the others with the dark borders, but make them rectangles instead of squares. Make the first rectangle half again or twice as wide as the square, and keep the incremental increase going. Maybe they could taper back down as they move to the left? I like how you have have the rows staggered, and I would test doing a mirror image on the right of the blocks with the smallest square.

    You'll find something that works, I'm sure. These blocks are too nice to just abandon. Good luck!

    Andrea kmen3035 @ hotmail dot com

  4. The bottom photo tickles my fancy. Quite different.
    Jane in KS

  5. Nice scrap challenge quilt! I'm reading Leaders and Enders by Bonnie Hunt. I might just have to follow her organization method for strips to make better use of the scraps/easier to handle! And that bottom photo is very intriguing. Keep it going?

  6. I like what you have going on in the bottom photo. Maybe try all the bright squares in the center, fading to black at the edges, for a luminous effect. Cant' wait to see what you do with it!

  7. Try an on point setting and/or group the larger blocks in the center then medium then small playing with sashing around each grouping.

  8. you made a beautiful top with your scraps. good job