Sunday, 5 January 2014

Stash Report - Jan 5

I headed out to the LQS sale on the 2nd, with a specific goal - backings for 3 quilts.  And after raiding my stash for the latest mysteries, I knew that if I needed any fabric, it was lights.  I was really digging for light fabrics over the holidays. So, I gave myself permission to pick up some from the sale tables.  But that's it, I kept telling myself (hopefully).

I did pretty well - stuck to my plans for the most part. A few extras jumped into my arms, but the few fabrics I just "had to have", I limited myself to just 1 yard of each.
3 backings, lots of lights/neutrals, and a few "just because", for a total of 69 yards in

But then I read Facebook the next morning ...  The store had added a 70% off table!  I HAD to go back, don't you agree? And on the sale table I found flannel - perfect for backings for donations to Victoria's Quilts. And a few more lights (see, I'm still sticking to my "rules").
Sale trip #2 (70% off - who can resist?) - 42 yards in

And then Saturday ...  I was sorting all the pretty new fabrics, and I realized that while I had done a great job picking up neutrals, I really hadn't added any lights in particular colour families.  Plus, there was one more quilt missing a backing.  37 yards later, that's also taken care of.

For usage this year - 3 quilts made this week, from start to borders.  That used a total of 7.25 yards for the large/small pair, and 4.25 yards for the red anvil top.  A total of 11.5 yards out.  That makes the gain a little less horrifying this week :)

Totals for this week:
148 yards in
11 1/2 yards out

Total for the year: 136.5 yards in

Goals for the year - use more than I bring in :)  Actually, I'd like to end up at least 100 yards in the positive, which is doable if I quilt as much as I did last year.  Drop by Judy's blog to see how everyone else did with their New Year's stash busting.

A note on my accountability - yes, I'm counting stash in this year. But being in Canada I have the issue of buying in meters and using in yards (because pretty much every pattern out there is written in imperial measurements).  So, to keep my sanity, I may purchase 3 meters of a fabric, but I call it "3 yards" for the sake of this report.  Which I figure is fair, because when a pattern says "1 1/2 yards", I just go ahead and buy 1 1/2 meters.


  1. What a great sale - 70% off is unheard of around here. Lucky you. I would have bought a bunch of fabric also. Never can have too many lights. Just imagine how many quilts you will be able to make from your new fabrics!

  2. Enjoy! I should have bought as much as you! ;)

  3. WOW, what a fun time that would have been at your LQS. I'm so glad it was in Canada and not near me. I really, really don't need to buy any more fabric. My challenge is to downsize by using much, much more than I did last year. Can't wait to see all your pretty eye candy showing up in your quilts.