Monday, 3 November 2014

Design Wall Monday - Nov 3

Silly me. After talking about my finished quilt, and the inspiration I saw in Florence, I completely forgot to attach any pictures yesterday.  So, let's try that again.

The is the floor of the Duomo cathedral in Florence (I think). I think this would be really cool to do with a 15 degree ruler, or something similar.

 Outside the Leaning Tower of Pisa was this marble "moat"

And these 2 photos are the floor of the cathedral in Sienna. I'd love to make a border of those slanted diamonds.

 And finally, my Border Creek Station quilt ("Quilter's Dessert").  Just needs binding before Friday.

As for my design wall, it still looks the same as it did before my holiday.  No progress there, although I hope by next week to have something new up.

Drop by Judy's blog for more design walls today.


  1. Fabulous designs. I see creating them with seminole method borders

  2. I see quilt patterns everywhere, too! Great inspiration for you. And Italy is so beautiful!