Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Retreat Report.

Back from retreat, and so many ideas came home with me!  There were lots of beautiful quilts during show and tell, not to mention all the beauties being worked on during the retreat.

This quilt is done (no, that's not a finished picture - I didn't manage to take one yet of the full quilt).  And I got lots done myself. 5 months of my "Downtown" block of the month.That didn't seem like much, until I counted the blocks (3 each month), and looked at the fact that I have only 4 months left. So I got more than half of them done during the retreat.

I also finished the setting blocks for my block of the week, and started on the 160 flying geese I need for the first month of the guild mystery.  This beautiful one is NOT mine. I love the fabrics that were used in this one, and I can't wait to see mine all put together now that I've had a bit of a preview of what's going on.  But I'm determined to wait until we have all the blocks, before I start assembling them.  10 weeks to go ...

I love these fifteen-degree quilts.  It was great to get to see this one in the two colour-ways, with the light background and the dark.

Another 15-degree quilt - smaller blocks, and a beautiful treatment on the back, with the leftover pieces from the blocks.

There were a couple of round robin projects that came in. The work on this one is amazing - and the fact that each round was done by a different person astounds me. I've never had the nerve to participate in a round robin, but this really makes we want to try one.

And for our last day, Mother Nature provided a lovely view - snow gently falling on the lake.  It snowed lightly all day (despite promises that it would end at noon).  Fortunately, nothing really stayed around, and the drive home was fine.  But this morning, we have a solid covering of snow on the ground.

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