Friday, 21 November 2014

Spectrum Quilt

Silly me, I never did take a photo of my Ombre quilt before I dropped it off at the shop for display for a few days. Still not quilted, but the top is there to show everyone what can be done with those fabulous ombre fabrics.  So, since I forgot to take my own photo, I'm borrowing the one from the shop's retreat photo album. This way, I even get to be in it :)

I'm loving this quilt. And as soon as I get all caught up on the Christmas quilts I've promised people, I'll grab this one back from the store and quilt it with a nice custom design.

The pattern is "Spectrum" from Fresh Lemons.


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  2. That's great!! Is that using that ombré fabric and cutting it at various areas?? That is neat

    1. Yes. I basically just cut the geese centers (rectangles) from a strip of the ombre fabric, top to bottom, and kept them in order after turning them into geese.

  3. Great quilt and great to see you! You are looking great.

  4. It lovely! You can't go wrong with flying geese.

  5. i'm loving that quilt also…waiting for you to finish it

  6. Hi. I love your quilt! Fresh Lemons does some cool patterns. I am here on the Blogathon Canada blog hop today. :)