Sunday, 1 March 2015

Stash Report - March 1

I was out at a local quilt shop retrieving a quilt today, and I found this flannel fabric.

Crabapple Hill - Whooterville
Isn't it just PERFECT for this pattern?

Look at these owls.  So adorable.  Now I just need to pick my fabric for the front, to coordinate with this backing fabric.  And hope I bought enough of it, too.

Crabapple Hill - Whooterville

That was not good for my stash report however. Especially when I fess up to the 3 yards of background I picked up for another project. I probably only need 1/2 of it, but I didn't know and I don't want to run out partway through that quilt.

So, my stash report for this week.
5 yards - backing for toes in the sand
4 yards - dark neutral quilt
1 yard - binding for baby quilts & placemats

5 yards - owl backing
3 yards - neutral background for modern quilt

10 yards out, 8 yards in. Still headed in the right direction!

Stash totals for the year:
80.5 yards in
68.25 yards out
Total: 12 1/4 yards in

Drop by Judy's blog to see how everyone else is doing this week.


  1. Those owls really are adorable. I'm looking forward to seeing your owl quilt.

  2. Fun pattern and I agree you found the perfect backing.

  3. My daughter would go crazy over this one. Very nice.

  4. Couldn't be more perfect if you'd planned it!

  5. It is perfect, what is a girl to do! The owl embroidery are beautiful.

  6. Your owl fabric is perfect and so cute. I'm an owl collector. I would have bought it even if I didn't have a project for it lol Your numbers still look good.