Sunday, 6 January 2019


The big reveal of Bonnie's Hunter's Good Fortune mystery came out! I love the quilt. But this is what my version is looking like :(

Not good :( I switched the colors around so I knew things would be different than Bonnie's. But that green just is not working for me in any location. It's going to have to go.

I kind of like this. But there isn't enough of that fabric to make all the blocks.

Digging through my stash, I found a similar but darker fabric which isn't too bad. My fellow quilters declared it just right (or maybe what they meant was best of a poor selection)

I'm going to continue on, although I did decide to make it a smaller quilt, which might just mean I have enough of that other fabric...

While I contemplate options, I'll continue making these blocks. The more I think about it, the more I think I like the idea of at least a few blocks in the other fabric. And with all the extra 4-patches we made, I can definitely make up a few, risk-free.


  1. I'm so glad someone did the stars in orange. When I saw the finished quilt my first thought was that I would have switched the color placement.

  2. I like this new purple batik - hope you have enough of it for the small version.

  3. One thing i like about these mysteries is the different colour combinations that people make. Have you considered a grey to swap for the green? Or trying a different way of arranging the pieces?

  4. Follow your heart - for what you would like. I'm loving all the variations of the quilt I'm seeing - that's what makes this process all so much fun.

  5. I LOVE your star blocks! I agree that the original substitution didn't work out well. But I LOVE the 3rd photo where you have that blue/purple (?) in the chain 4 patch blocks. It works well with the star blocks