Friday, 11 January 2019

Winding Ways

In 2015, one of my guilds ran a "Crayola" challenge. You picked a crayon, and had to make a quilted object using only that colour. I got grey.  I was very uninspired by that selection at first, but once I realized how many shades of grey one could find, things got a little more interesting.

I thought about what quilt I wanted to make, and remembered that I had a template set for Winding Ways (which I must have bought around 2008), that I never used. So, a plan was born.  The challenge was due in June 2016, but I figured I could make a lap quilt in that time.  I plugged along, and by April I had this much don. Looking good - except none of those pieces are actually sewn together.

Around that point, I abandoned the idea of finishing in time for the challenge, and decided to make the quilt a bit larger as a potential gift down the road. So, I grew.  And grew. And I ran out of fabric.  But then I found some more. And it grew again.   Eventually it became big enough for my queen bed. After this photo was taken, the final border (a 6" dark border) was added. And now the poor baby resided in the "to be quilted" pile, patiently awaiting its turn.

I have grand ideas - and eventually I'll get up the never (and the time) to try bring them to life on the quilt.

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