Thursday, 24 November 2011

Black and white and red all over

Happy Thanksgiving, to all those celebrating today!  On days like today, the advantages of working for a Canadian office of an American company become clear.  It's not a holiday for us here, but with the entire US on holiday for 2 days (or more) this week, it's like a vacation ;)  This year, I'm taking advantage of the low activity and taking 2 vacation days myself this week.

I have put the first day of vacation to good use.  The top of my black and white and red quilt is now complete! (It really is a rectangle - just a bad photo below)

I think I can now honestly say that I am done with hexagons.  Way too many little tiny Y-seams in this quilt, so I am quite happy to see the end of them.  Next step - find the backing fabric I bought on my earlier trip to the quilt store, and start the quilting.  I hope I can get that started today, but time will tell.  Tomorrow morning, I leave for a 3 day trip and I'm not quite finished packing yet.  I need to finish that first, then head out for a couple of hours this afternoon   Time permitting, I'll start the quilting tonight.


  1. Amazing job on the quilt top. Best of luck with the weekend and we'll have to touch base when you're back.

  2. That is beautiful....I know a lot of work

  3. Way to go! It looks wonderful! You sure are making headway on getting things done.

    Have a good, safe trip!