Saturday, 19 November 2011

A New Project

I think I'm going to take the plunge into Orca Bay! This is Bonnie's new mystery. Check it out over on her blog - just follow Shamu here :)

I wasn't going to play along - I have company coming for Christmas, and it looks like this mystery will run right through her visit. And I don't "do" strings (Bonnie loves strings, I understand). And my scrap bins are pretty lame right now, especially in the red zone (Bonnie is using blue and red for her quilt).

But, today I was finishing up the quilting on another one of my recent projects, and pondering my next move. And I thought - Why Not?  The mystery started last Friday and I've been drawn back to the page several times over the past 2 days.  So I did a little bit of digging.  Bonnie says the quilt was inspired by a sunset over Orca Bay - and to me sunsets are orange & purple.  Two colours which I do have a reasonable amount of in my scrap bins.  Blacks & neutrals are a bit more difficult, but Bonnie's pretty loose with the definition of neutral so I should be able to scrounge enough.  And for black - I think I'll pass on the scrap idea and use a couple yards of solid black I have on hand and would love to see gone from my stash closet.  Hopefully that won't throw the whole quilt out of whack, if the rest is scrappy and the black is just black.

So here we have it.  Black,  neutral, orange and purple.  I think I'll use purple as the primary, which may mean I need to find some more.  Bonnie says 3 yards, and I doubt there's 3 yards of anything in that bin.  So maybe I'll go back through my scraps and wander into the blue range with the purples.

First step - 224 2" quarter square triangles in black and neutral.  Oh boy.  I guess I need to get started :)


  1. Krista, you made me look! I haven't decided if I will join you or ... work on some UFO's, but I definitely see a little more quilting in my future--my contract job has ended and while I am looking for the next gig (or maybe a permanent FT job so I can stop looking for the next gig), some meditative quilting is definitely in order.

    I happen to pull out one of my "first" quilts (a small wall hanging or table topper) and noticed how great the colors looked in my bedroom--so if I play along on Bonnie's Orca Bay Mystery, I'll be using creams, tans, brown and a dash of turquoise.

  2. Those look like great sunset colors! I haven't done one of Bonnie's mysteries before, so I'm playing it safe and sticking with her red/black/blue/neutral color scheme.