Thursday, 10 November 2011

How Cute!

A few days ago, I ordered a carry bag for my backup sewing machine.  After checking the site, and carefully measuring the machine, I determined that the smallest bag would fit.  With the added bonus that I could then carry it on the plane, and it was a couple of inches under the max size so I shouldn't have any issues with any of the airlines.  This is good, because I'm heading to Texas for a quilting retreat in Feb, and wanted an easy way to take my machine on the flight.

This arrived on my doorstep today.  The package, not the chair :)  That looks pretty small, for a sewing machine to fit into.

Oh, right - it's collapsible.  Cool. And what a lovely colour.

Getting the machine in, however, did not prove as simple as expected.  The case claims the interior is 16x12x9.  My machine is 16x11x7, according to my measurements.  So that should work fine.  A little snug end to end, but other than that there should be plenty of room.

Not so!  On measuring the opening of the case, it's more like 15x11.  Hmmmmmmm. 

But, I'm stubborn.  So let's see what we can do here.  I twisted, and turned, and stretched.  Then twisted some more to extract the half-stuffed machine, and restarted the process. 

Eventually I opened the top zipper, stuffed the top of the machine in through the front and up through the second opening, wiggled the base around to sqeeze it through, and breathed a sigh of relief.  It fits!

Getting it out was almost as difficult, as I tried to remember which part went in last.  But out it came - and the second stuffing went much more smoothly.  So, the machine is now carefully stowed away in it's little carry bag, and I'm hoping it will stretch just a smidgen before I have to load it up for the plane.

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  1. Yay! Glad you found something that worked. Are you going on the Patchwork Times retreat?!? :)