Sunday, 27 September 2009

Stash Report - Sept 27

Earlier this week, I cut strips for a bargello quilt.  That is all the piecing I've gotten done this week, because my focus is on the queen-size quilt that I'm trying to finish.  Progress is slow but steady. About 1/2 done now, and my quilting is getting better :)   I may have to re-do some of the earlier sections to neaten them up, but first, I need to finish the rest and get a good look at it.

Used this week - 1.5 yards.
Nothing added, despite several trips to quilt stores.  

My dirty little secret - the rest of the stash fabric from this week's project doesn't show in my stash photos from yesterday.  They are still sitting on top of my cutting table.   Shhhhh!

Total for this year:
Used YTD: 31 yards
Added YTD: 21.75 yards
Net: 9.25 yards out this year

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  1. The bargello will be lovely, my favorite colors. And the pictures, I love pictures! I often use fleece as backing on a quilt, I just turn it so that its on the top and it quilts beautifully. And you look very nice in pink!!