Monday, 27 August 2012

Design Wall Monday - Aug 27

There has been zero change to my design wall since last Monday. 

But that doesn't mean I've been entirely idle.  My log cabin star just came off the long arm this morning, and is ready for binding.  I quilted this with a pantograph that I designed myself. 

I had originally considered custom quilting in each block, with feathers. But my skills aren't quite up to that yet.  So I took the easy way out.

And I have one more Dancing with the Stars block almost done.  It's vacation week for me, so I'm hoping to get a bunch of sewing done, in between shuttling kids around to handle all the last minute back-to-school purchases.


  1. Love your log cabin quilt - and your own panto: how neat!

  2. Designed your own panto? Did you do it freehand or with software? I want to do that! And, the log cabin is so intense, custom quilting would have gotten lost so you did the right thing. Oh, beautiful quilt, by the way. :-)