Saturday, 11 August 2012

Quilt-a-thon progress

Judy's hosting a quilt-a-thon this weekend, and I finally got on board today.  First, I wanted to finish my Camp Loopy knitting project.  As I worked on the final ribbing for the sleeves, I realized that it was going to be very close - I might run out of yarn before I ran out of ribbing.  So I rushed to finish, in order to have time to order more yarn if necessary.  Finished this morning - with exactly 2 yards of yarn left over.  So fortunately, I do not need to buy any more. The sweater is now being blocked, and will be a little wider and shorter when I'm done.

Then, I headed over to my LQS.  They were having a sale today!  And I needed to return a quilt that I finished for someone, so I had 2 reasons to head over.  The quilt I worked on was adorable - the cute little monkey's ears are 3-D.  I kept the quilting really light, because the backing was minkee and I didn't want to risk pleating it.

I came home with backing for 2 quilts, and fabric for a new one which I had quickly sketched out last night when I found out about the sale.  No pictures, because the fabric is all in the wash.

Finally, I made it into my sewing room late this afternoon.  I managed a lot of progress on my August colour challenge quilt.

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