Sunday, 12 August 2012

Stash Report - Aug 12

I missed the stash report last week because I was out of town.  So 2 weeks are covered here, and in fact most of the usage is from the first week.  I did a lot on my current quilt yesterday, but forgot to track strips cut, so I'll report usage on that when it's done and I can just report the whole thing at once.

3 yards - borders for colour challenge
3 1/2 yards - backing for mystery quilt + binding

More fabric has come in, in the past 2 weeks than I care to remember :)  Fabric for the August colour challenge.  Backing for 2 large quilts and fabric for a 2 colour quilt.  At least it all has a purpose - that's a step in the right direction.

Stash usage this year:
108 1/2 yards out

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  1. Oh - I like those dark browns! As long as it has a purpose, we can buy it!

  2. Krista, I absolutely love those dark browns. Can you possible tell me the lines they are from? I am always looking for deep rich browns. I would really appreciate the information. My email is

  3. LIke all your blues and browns. Two color quilts are a favorite of mine. Backings really help with the numbers. Enjoy using our new fabrics.

  4. Nice browns! They are always so hard to find.

  5. Beautiful blues and browns. At least it all has a place to go.

  6. Those are some very rich, lucious browns!

    Lynne in Hawaii