Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ready for retreat

What happens when a quilter packs all her quilting projects and tools, in preparation for a retreat - 2 days early? With no quilting possible (because pulling out tools runs the risk of forgetting them on departure day), other activities tend to happen.

Shelves get built.
Fabric gets folded.
Tables get cleared
And the sewing room goes from something like this...
to this.  All my in-progress projects are on the shelf, beside the videos.  3 BOM, 1 mystery quilt, the next quilt to cut into, and bindings for some of the 6 quilts waiting for their turn on the long arm.

My missing seam ripper turned up.  But still no sign of the backup rotary cutter.

In the pile ready for retreat, are 3 new projects to be started, plus materials for 2 classes (and thus 2 more projects) and one extra bundle of fabric which still needs a project.  I'm hoping to come home with at least one, if not 2, projects finished from retreat. Hopefully I won't come home with 5 half-started projects.

1 comment:

  1. Just had to tidy up my sewing rooms well! And loads of things were found! Hope ou have a great retreat.