Sunday, 11 November 2012

Stash Report - Nov 11

Somehow I seemed to get a lot done yesterday.  Could have something to do with being up at 7am on a Saturday (ick) but I bound 3 quilts, made 5 blocks for the block lotto, finished 2.5 blocks from Dancing with the Stars BOM, stopped at the fabric store to pick up some supplies for my next project and get some opinions on a pattern, hung doors on a cabinet with my son's help, and even managed to make a roast for dinner and spend some time talking to my son before he took my car and headed out to a party.  And I did it all without rushing around (see yesterday's post Enjoying the Journey). Phew.  Just typing all that made me tired :)

Here's a quick look at the Block Lotto blocks from today.  We're making quilter's choice mugs this month.

The stash usage for this week:
2.5 yards - bindings
1.5 yards - backings
.5 yard - mug blocks
Total 4.5 yards used this week.

For the year, 183 1/4 yards out.  Drop by Judy's blog to see how everyone else is doing.

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  1. Love your mug blocks - those are cool! Wow what a great dent you have made in your stash!!