Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Dreambird progress

Most of my weekend was spent on this project, and it's probably the reason I have no idea what day it is.  I've done flooring before, but I must have been younger then :)  I ache everywhere now.  But my son no longer has carpet in his room, and hopefully will get some relief from his allergy situation.

As you can see in this photo, we cleared out most of his room, and then shuffled all the furniture to one side.  When that part of the floor was laid, we moved everything over, and started on the second half.  Just a bit more trim to finish now, and he can move back in.

I did manage to get a lot of knitting done, in between rounds with the flooring.  I found that I needed a break now and then, and sitting down with knitting was just about the right speed.  I just started on feather #9. I don't know how many feathers there are going to be, so no idea how much knitting is left (maybe I should look at one of the project pictures and count them).  I'm just watching the balls get smaller as I knit 70 rows, repeat....

Linking up on Judy's progress report today.


  1. Your Dreambird is looking great! Those floors are pretty darn impressive too. :-)

  2. You're doing great. You're making such good progress on your Dreambird and it's going to be so pretty! The floor looks good .. hope that makes a difference in your son's allergies.