Sunday, 22 September 2013

Stash Report - Sept 22

Finally some usage to report.  I cut and attached bindings for 2 quilts. Here's one of them, which needs to be done by Oct 4. I sat down to do some stitching on this, and immediately had a cat planted right in the middle of my lap, on top of the quilt.  This could take a while :)

Fortunately, Dreambird is finished, so I can focus on my quilting for a while.

1 1/4 yards used
Total this year: 188 1/2 yards out

Drop by Judy's blog for more stash reports today.


  1. Your quilt looks beautiful. I know what you mean about a cat sitting on your lap when you sit down. It is hard to do much then. I think your Dreambird turned out wonderful. Have you tried it on yet?

  2. Wow Krista! Your Dreambird is amazing!!! Love the white feathers in that sea of blue!